We at Sambvca Charters are a small team of USCG certified captains who can fulfill all of your fishing desires. Whether it’s battling a giant Bluefin Tuna or enjoying a sunset cruise; we continually provide an unforgettable, professional service. From diehard fishermen to recreational beginners, Sambvca Charters caters to anyone looking for a one of a kind experience on the ocean.

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Gloucester, MA

Port Canaveral, Fl

Bluefin Tuna

The fishing season for Bluefin Tuna is from June to October. Schools of Bluefin Tuna range between sizes from 27 to 73 inches. Bluefin that are over 73 inches can weight as much as 1200lbs!

Striped Bass & Blue Fish

Striped Bass taste excellent, are hard fighters. You can catch them various ways. They can grow up to over 70 pounds. Our fishing techniques include trolling, sight casting, lure fishing, float fishing, and bottom fishing.

Cod / Haddock / Shark

Shark fishing season is best during late July through late October. You’ll travel the waters of Massachusetts Bay while hunting these dominant fish. The most common species of shark in the area are Mako, Blue, Porbeagle, and Thresher. The peak season for cod is April until the end of October.